Pursuit of best beef and taste

» Salutation
Iccokuya owner
I continue cooking Kobe beef and will be about 20 years. I opened Iccokuya, it was charmed by simple and the deepness of cooking a steak in front of a visitor. I'm using only Kobe beef because it would like the great of one to know to many people. And the course of a dinner is prepared at a reasonable price. I am allowed to cook the exquisite fire and the ripe Kobe beef by the baking degree of liking in front of a visitor.
It is near the Sannomita sta. about 5 minutes by a walk, and inside shop is an urban hiding place atmospher. You can spend a calm time and enjoy dinner in Iccokuya. I'm waiting for your coming.

Iccokuya Owner

» Best of Kobe Beef
Best of Kobe Beef
At Iccokuya, we are using A5 the Kobe beef of a highest-class rank which the owner selected carefully. Kobe beef is ripened by an original method. And on a visitor, it enjoy and taste by good grilled timing untied with the beef.

Collaboration of the vegetables and Beef

Collaboration of the four seasons vegetables and Kobe beef in front of the polished up griddle. And please enjoy the sweet taste and softness of good Kobe beef.
» Fresh seafood
Fresh seafood

Fresh foods are cooked by a griddle.

We are using the fresh seafood of black abalone and scallop besides Kobe beef steak. Although the seafood can also eat Sashimi, but you can enjoy the completely different taste by a griddle cooking. Since especially the heated abalone changes collagen to gelatin, it is really softly delicious.
» Best of a la carte & vegetables
Best of a la carte & vegetables
At Iccokuya, we are preparing Foie gras, shrimps etc. such as roast beef. And our provided flavor enhancer is natural solt of Akoh and pepper, lemon-soy sauce using the fruit juice of a Yuzu or Sudachi. We use the seasonal vegetables can be taken at the season for a salad or grilled vegetables.

Profitable course and favorite a la carte

At Iccokuya, we provide course of reasonable price a dinner and favorite a la carte (side dishes). I think to be able to be enjoyed all of visitors. And we are preparing to alcohol drink and wine of each country.

Concept of Iccokuya

Concept of Iccokuya
1, It meet to visitor's request
We provide the dish completed by the polished up griddle at "a grill condition, the way and pace" according to a visitor's request.
2, Women can come to freely
We are preparing the profitable menu gentle also to a woman. And we provide the special time which also prepared Kobe beef, seafood and the seasonal dessert.
3, In a special day and recollections
For example memorial of marriade, anniversary, and recollections of travel.
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